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Tools for marketing your company

Posted by on Jul 28, 2016

Presentation folders are excellent tools for marketing your company that last longer than most other promotional materials. This is usually due to the quality of the material used to make the folders. Business presentations are an extremely central part of the commercial world. The first item you deliver to your customers when you present your company or your school, is a file of documents and using effective printed presentation folders are the first way to maximise on your first impression.


Bell Graphics’ website details every printing and design solution that we offer including presentation folder printing. Thing is, presentation folders aren’t just for advertising your business. They can be used at seminars, company training expos and student careers fairs. In fact student careers fairs are one of the best places to utilise them. They hold onto the information in such an effective way whilst promoting the business that they are easy to carry around during a careers fair. You can choose from fonts, shapes, colours and sizes to design your own logo or artwork for your presentation folder and this allows for a personal flare on public materials. Customers are far more likely to notice a brand that stands out and are even more likely to purchase products from that brand if the creativity is obvious.

Pre or post sale, your presentation folder is going to make a difference. Before the sale, they are used to catch the eye of potential customers. After the sale, if the folder is shoved away in a desk drawer until the next time it’s opened, it’ll be there still promoting your company and what it does without even trying. The artwork and design is SO critical here as you WANT to be able to catch the eyes of your customers even beyond them purchasing from you.

You don’t want to be hidden among the crowd. Imagine being at a stall in a careers fair or a large business event. When you pass out promotional material about your company you want it to be impressive and you want it to be sleek and look different to your competitors. Bell Graphics understand this and will work with you to print material that is unique to you. We will always remind you that having a slot for business cards is something that is very important for your presentation folders as you want your customers to be able to access your information quickly to respond to you as a company. You can make a bold statement about your brand without even opening the folder just by making the right choices on artwork, size, colours or font.

You need to imagine your target audience opening your presentation folder and by putting yourself into their shoes you can easily judge how you would respond. If you know you would be wowed by your presentation folder, then you know you’ve got it right! We can help you do that in the most cost effective and efficient way. We aim to be able to promote you as a brand as well as ourselves; after all, if our products help you gain more customers then we know we are doing our job as presentation folder printing providers.



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5 Common Web Design Myths That You Should Stop Believing

Posted by on Jul 20, 2016

5 Common Web Design Myths That You Should Stop Believing
  1. Now one of the most common myths that you should actually stop believing is the idea that when your site has a lot of features, then that would equate to a better design. No, definitely it does not follow that you have a better design if your website has a lot of features since the main purpose of web design is user experience and most of all the content of your website should be your main point and basis of a good design, like how you layout the message of your website.
  2. Then the use of rotating banners is one of the common myths that it equates getting a lot of visitor in your website. Actually this kind of holds true in the old times where people are so amazed with things moving around the screen, but now it would actually just be annoying to put rotating banners on any part of your website. That is why you need to avoid it and what you need to do is to focus more on how you can make the visitors engage in your website, so that you will also be able to generate a good flow of traffic on your website.
  3. Next would be your belief that a website’s design is the king factor of all the factors that compromises a website. You might just want to slow down there since it is not and it is a fact, don’t flatter yourself too much if you think that the website will be successful since you have a very great web design. Keep in mind that the success of a website or a web design always depends on the user experience, meaning how user friendly your site is or how engaging your website is and most of all how relatable or how important the contents are on your website.
  4. So, another myth that you should stop believing is that when the web design runs smoothly on the device that you are using, then that would also means that it will work in everyone’s gadget in any part of the world. Basically, most of all since you are a web designer you need to understand that there are different types of platform that can have access to your website, you would want to increase your website’s visibility and for you to do that is that you need to make sure that it does not have compatibility issues, like you need to test your design at least the main three or most common platforms like phone, desktop and a tablet.
  5. And most of all, your belief that when you are trying to get a web designer, you will be able to save if you will just get one person for the whole job and specifics of designing your website and since there will be only one person who will work for you then the higher you chances of haggling the pay of the designer. Sure thing you can find a designer that will settle for the lowest rate that you can give but do not expect for a high quality output. This is because unlike other industry that you get to haggle as low as you can for rates and would still get an average output but with wed designing, you need to pay for what you want to achieve. So if you want to get high quality web designing then visit
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Investing for SEO and Digital Marketing Services

Posted by on May 22, 2016

Business marketing through digital services has made many businessmen and women conquer their life goals. However to surpass such glorious take is to undergo many ups and downs before achieving all that you ever want to happen for your business to grow. Though things may be tough and not all the time you get to the highest point always but remind yourself that life in the business industry is full of competition. There is not only one like you who is investing so much to be able to go beyond what they are expecting but more people are doing the same. Investing is the best way for you to ward people towards your business and if you are not confident of yourself to do so, better thing for you to do is search for companies that offers great deals of digital marketing and are convincing enough that they can truly help you be aspiring and implement their digital plans for your website.


What works for you matter the most. Planning is part of investing. If your project is to make a good and much better website for your business you have to be excellent and do a little more extra mile in thriving to be successful. Aiming for being on the top requires a lot of hard work. Gathering information and strategies can be your focus in creating a good channel for consumers and potential business partners to be a part of your journey. For you to contribute for your growing business and for to compete against big competitors. Your idea matters most also, your digital assistant needs to hear from you. Being open with what you want to happen for your business can give them the inspiration to do well to achieve your goals. Also as their client, you need also to trust them with the skills, knowledge and experience wise.


One leading factor for your business to increase its consumers is spending with the right kind of approach and with a smart and realistic idea one of which is to SEO your business marketing. Otherwise the change that you want will not be as efficient as what you are expecting. The more new platforms the better because you may never know which one will work for you. Investing for a good return is your choice and this would mean that you want to change for new things to come and new experiences to come in your business. Digital marketing and SEO strategy are one of the best solutions to indulge in the advancement in your career. Without these approaches you cannot achieve what you want to happen.


The spread of Internet marketing has truly made a difference in the lives of the businessmen because of how it draws so much attention to people all over the world. People are more connected to their mobiles or laptops that anything in the internet that they see may or may not be applicable with the marketing strategies that you have put up.

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